A downloadable game for Windows

A game about the story of Anusapati, the son of Ken Arok, Singhasari kingdom's first King. Singhasari kingdom is an ancient kingdom of old Nusantara of year 1200s.


Play this with 16:9 ratio windows. It is recommended to use 640x400 resolution. There are (a lot of >_< ) bugs in this game especially around the interactivity of dialogues and the ending so don't click too fast to skip dialogues, which is one of main cause of some game-breaking bugs. 

This game is created by

Kevin Erdiza Yogatama (keychera)

Finiko Kasula Novendi

and featuring original scores by

Lazuardi Firdaus https://soundcloud.com/lazulisound

Install instructions

It is a unity player executable, just run the .exe file and choose the resolution and play. Select resolution with 16:9 ratio.  640x400 resolution is recommended.


Curse of Kris.rar 15 MB

Development log


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hello, i would like to try this game, but i am having a problem.

game runs fine, but the texts in the game wont display.

im running this through wine (i know, i know) and i think i have a missing font problem, it is obviously not the game's problem. but may i know what font you are using for this game?

thanks in advance.

hey, sorry the late reply. the font we used was called ReenieBeanie.ttf

also thank you for your interest to play this game! looking forward to your opinion!

(1 edit)

Error:  data folder not found.

Details :

There should be 'anusapati_Data'
folder next to the executable

thank you for the notice